Checking My Ego at the Door

(© Photo courtesy of Kenn W. Kiser) Some days I feel pretty good about what I do – I have a thriving writing business, three kids who aren’t giving me grief at the moment, and well, sometimes it’s easy to think I’ve finally “arrived” – whatever that means. I get a little full of myselfContinue reading “Checking My Ego at the Door”

Yellowstone part six

Our visit is winding down, and we are at loose ends about how to spend our last day in the park. We’ve seen the geysers and hot springs, toured Old Faithful Lodge, driven over almost every major paved portion of the park, taken several hikes, and viewed a bounty of wildlife. We decide to takeContinue reading “Yellowstone part six”

Yellowstone, part four

DAY FOUR August 5, 2008 Today we leave our cabin at Lake Hotel and travel to the north end of Yellowstone to stay for a night in Roosevelt, named for our former President. We first travel to Mammoth Springs, one of only two locations which remains open year-round. We stop for a picnic lunch beforeContinue reading “Yellowstone, part four”

Yellowstone, part three

DAY THREE August 4, 2008 No morning walk today – another camp breakfast before setting out for a tour of the falls and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. We start up one path only to encounter a cinnamon black bear just a few yards away. Aware that we are far closer than we should beContinue reading “Yellowstone, part three”