The Rosy Side of Life

Sometimes I read these deep, insightful blogs that leave me wondering where I got lost along the way. I’ve never been one to be impressed by spouting seventeen cents words. You won’t find any deep political insights within my writing, nor will you learn anything new about ion blasting. You will be hard pressed to find a topic within sports where I even know who you’re talking about. Yeah I know Maria Somebodyorother is a big tennis hotshot, but the last time I kept up with the olympics was when Dorothy Hammil was all the rage.

I’m too busy yelling at the dog for deciding to pee right next to my herb garden or telling my eight-year-old that he cannot use my 200-year-old piano as a showcase for his latest Lego creations to worry about who has a great rbi this season or even what rbi means.
Now if you want to know what I think about red light cameras or lazy store clerks, I’m full of wisdom and a bucket load of opinions. If you wonder why pesto tastes great on a toasted sandwich or how to poach talipia, I’m full of advice. I can even chew your ear for several hours about things that I find annoying – people who let their dogs poop in the arroyo, neighbors who think I like hearing their music two streets over, or developers who think their right to make money ought to trump the sanctity of a neighborhood – ooh-ee, am I ever ready to talk about that.
For the most part, I like looking at the bright side of things. I like finding the humor in a tough situation. And I like making someone laugh, smile, or just let down their guard for a few minutes.
If you want the deep stuff, this is not the blog for you. If you just want to talk about the absurdity we find in every day life, pull up a chair and sit a spell. But don’t spill your coffee on my new rug – sit over on the tile where the dog can lick it up. I don’t have time for any extra mopping today.

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5 thoughts on “The Rosy Side of Life

  1. Peg,Because the bread provides a bland backdrop for the more pungent flavors of ground pinons, olive oil, fresh basil, fresh garlic and pecorino cheese. And because the crispness of toasted bread lends a contrast for the smooth texture of pesto.Top with turkey lunchmeat, a slice of provolone, some lettuce …Sheesh. Now I’m hungry!


  2. Hi Sandra – what are arroyos? It’s a Spanish word that refers to the natural drainage paths carved out by runoff. It’s a fancy word for a natural ditch. The one by our home has been improved and has walking paths on both sides, so people from the neighborhood walk their dogs over to the arroyo every morning to do their “business”. Thoughtful, no?


  3. FYI – I posted as ‘anonymous’ as I don’t have a blog, or a website, or a URL thingy (whatever that is…see my last post on the WD forum in response to one of your threads and you’ll understand)Sandra


  4. I like the tone of your blog, Lisa. If you were looking to get a grin out of one of your readers, then you succeeded – dog poop is a BIG pet peeve of mine, and your comments made me laugh.But what the heck is/are ‘arroyo’? I have three dogs, and want to know what to watch out for on our next walk…SandraJ – from the WD forum


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