Local Booksellers … did they really say that?


I’m going to take a short break from blogging about dieting and exercise to share some exciting news.  Writer’s Market, the go-to resource for freelance writers, fiction writers, and anyone else interested in writing, will be coming out with their 2009 edition this month.  This year, it will include a feature on syndication written by yours truly.  While I still haven’t landed my own deal for national syndication of my diet diaries column, I have learned enough about the process to perhaps help others 

So you can imagine my excitement when I knew the release date was approaching. 

I called up several local bookstores to inquire about the estimated arrival date of the 2009 edition of Writer’s Market. Thanks to gas prices, I actually wanted to make sure the book was on the shelves before I left. Here is what some of the folks I talked to had to say:

"What’s the name again? Isn’t that a magazine, not a book?"

"Um, we still have a few of the 2008’s on the shelves, so we won’t be ordering any until those are gone."

"2009? Are you sure? It shows here that it was published in 2008."
(to which I replied that yes, there was a 2008 but that the new version was being released June, 2009)
"Oh, I think you’re wrong. It was already released in 2008. They wouldn’t put out a fat book like that again so soon. Do you want me to order you one?"

"I’m not sure. It shows the author is Robert Brewer. Do you want to see what else he has published that we might have in stock. By the way, is that a mystery or crime novel or what?"

Is it any wonder Amazon is going great guns? Oh, if any of you want a copy, I’d recommend getting it here: http://www.fwbookstore.com/product/1995/23

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