Nominated for Best Writer of Albuquerque – Woo Hoo!

Dear Diet Diaries,
I posted this on my writing blog, but I’m so excited that I have to write about it here as well.
Tonight I go to my first Release Party for an issue of a publication.  I’ve been invited to attend the Release Party for Albuquerque the Magazine’s BEST OF edition.  And, lo and behold, little ole Lisa is actually up for Best Writer of Albuququerque.  I doubt I’ll win against some of the wonderful writers in this community, but it sure feels great just to be able to say I’ve been nominated.  (With my luck, I’ll find out I received a solitary nomination from Aunt Geraldine.  Then when she finds out I’m not actually her relative, she’ll rescind the nomination.  My career will be left in a million shattered pieces.  Ok, so maybe that’s a little dramatic, but I’m getting nervous – and nerves always call for a little drama!)
The party is held at Slate Street Cafe , a new trendy restaurant in the middle of a revitalized downtown.  I’ll remember my diet, but I’m looking forward to trying out their tasty appetizers and mixing with the crowd.  It’ll be fun to be one of the nobodies gawking at everyone else, trying to figure out who they are.  And, just as sure as shooting, the very moment I stuff too large of a bite of some delicacy into my mouth will be right before someone decides that I just need to meet the mayor or some other personality.  I’ll end up having to choose between swallowing half-chewed food in order to say hello, talking around it, or just continue chewing while I smile and try to shake their hand.  Whatever I decide, I’m sure it’ll backfire. 
Tune in tomorrow when I tell you how I embarrassed myself or someone else… and how I started yelling, "Unfair!  That’s MY prize" when they announce someone else won the writer’s award…

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