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Whether you’re the founder of a new startup needing help with fundraising, growth strategy or networking or you’re part of a major organization or government agency needing expertise for a project, Byzy Consulting is prepared to help you leapfrog barriers to accomplish milestones. We have over 11 years experience working on collaborative, multi-partner projects as well as fundraising and building startups. And with strong expertise in writing, we can provide ghost-writing services as well as copy writing and news-worthy placement-ready content. We have limited availability for new projects, but yours might be the perfect fit for the slot we have remaining.

Startup Strategies

Whether you’re just getting started or ready to raise capital, it helps to have someone in your corner who doesn’t have an agenda so you can trust their advice. We focus on early stage startups, because that is where we have the most expertise and experiences. Whether you just want an hour to talk talk something through or need help building out your pitch deck, creating brochures or website copy, we can help.

Professional Writing

With over two decades of experience across a broad spectrum of writing, you can immediately gain visibility with placement ready stories, blog posts and improved language on your website, brochures, or pitch deck. We also provide ghost writing services that will match your tone and style.

Project Management

If your small team is still too small to hire an internal project manager, but you can benefit from someone overseeing the timeline, engagement with clients and collaboration between your team members, we have over a decade of experience managing projects of all sizes and with government, nonprofit and private enterprise clients. Reasonably priced contracted help means you can succeed faster without the added expense of overhead. Get in touch to find out how we can help.


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Life is full of pain. That's a given. We get to choose if it's full of joy.  — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lisaabeyta/support
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Whether it’s article/feature writing, storytelling, marketing copy or business strategy and mentorship, Lisa can do it all. She’s that creative, deft writer you’ll want to hire over and over again.

Camille T., client


Byzy provides professional services to small businesses, startups and independent business owners. References provided upon request.

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